3 YEAR CABLE WARRANTY + Lifetime Everything Else

Before & After 2016 Hyundai Tucson

This vehicle was towed to Pedal Pros to have the unuseable transfer bar kit removed then replaced with our cable operated right side driving system.

Before: Pedals or paddles?

After: Actual pedals that operate normally.

Before: Incorrectly fabricated linkage welded inside vehicle, scorching everything around it. Also, flatwashers to support the rods?

After: Properly engineered plate system bolted to the floor.

Before: Linkage connections with improper use of small bolts not located on the brake pad area. The attachment bolt is small. In a shear situation, this will cause high wear and eventual failure.

After: Engineered linkage system that can be quickly and easily removed. Accelerator has bushings with shoulder bolts and a bearing to provide smooth contact with accellerator pedal. Brake uses large greasable bearings with heavy duty heim joints at the connection points for smooth operation and years of service.

Before: How belt tension was adjusted and maintained? Hint: NEVER use a turnbuckle.

After: Belt tension adjusting system includes slotted plate with adjusting bolt, so pulleys and belt always stay properly aligned.

How do you prefer your wiring harness?


Well Done?


All joking aside, at Pedal Pros we take quality and safety seriously.