3 YEAR CABLE WARRANTY + Lifetime Everything Else


Our right hand driving systems are designed to operate smoothly. For the best product and years of service, we use superior quality, heavy-duty materials.

Properly Engineered for Safety

Studies have shown that the average person can generate around 300lbs of pressure in a panick-stop situation. Our brake cable is factory-tested to withstand over 1,000lbs of pressure. They will not stretch or break. We have replaced several poorly designed cable and bar systems due to safety concerns.

Durability With No Maintenance

Pedal Pros pedal system includes a 3 year warranty on all cables and lifetime warranty on everything else. We've installed over 3,000 cable systems in the past 7 years and haver never needed to replace a cable. PEDAL PROS cables are pre-lubed then sealed and do not require any additional lubricating. Best of all, they're made right here in the USA.

Vehicle Friendly Installation

Pedal Pros systems do not require intense modification to your vehicle, unfortunately we've seen quite a few that do. We will not cut up your vehicle to install our systems. CLICK TO SEE A CHEAP BAR SYSTEM THAT WASN'T SO CHEAP.